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A member of GRUPO ABRISA (, a leading and diverse business group in the Dominican Republic, Sinercon, S.A. was founded thirty years ago following the merger of several construction and construction industry-related companies.


During this time Sinercon, S.A. has completed major construction projects across a range of sectors, including water supply systems, airports, hotels, corporate buildings, tourism developments, roads and hospitals, most of which were implemented in partnership with leading international groups.


With its eyes firmly set on the future, Sinercon, S.A. will continue working on the basis of the values that have always guided the company: progress, innovation, feasibility, respect for the environment and a commitment to social development, supported by our main asset and strength, our excellent human resource base.


Sinercon, S.A.’s fundamental commitment is to contribute to initiatives aimed at achieving a better world for everyone.

Ing. Abraham J. Hazoury


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