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American Embassy and Consulate improvments

West Santo Domingo Aqueduct

West Caribeña Aqueduct – electric work


Maria Montez Airport, Barahona


Punta Cana Airport extension


Las Americas Industrial Park


Hormigon Hidrulico production plant


Baldosa del Caribe – floor factory

Prefabricated Slabs production plant


Los Girasoles production plant


Consorcio Remix S.A. input warehouse


Juanillo industrial plant, Punta Cana


Las Americas Free Zone industrial plant


Aggregate plant


Plastifar production and storage plant

Sinercon participates as one of the main infrastructure developers in the country emphasizing the construction of marinas, aqueducts, roads, treatment plants and airports. Sinercon carried out the refurbishment and construction of several airports including those managed by the firm Aerodom, concessionaire for the management of several airports in the country.

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